Some baby is easy to fall asleep and only wiggle a little at night, some just keep playing, and some get startled or turn in bed all night which keep their parents nervous throughout the night. How to get your baby to wake up, eat, play and sleep on time that is really a problem. Let your baby know when it is time to sleep, you should create a habit for your baby before bed time such as changing clothes, changing diapers, cleaning, or massaging, storytelling, … after all of these step by step, your baby will know that is time for bed. With 7 tips below, NTR Holding will help your baby to fall asleep too deep in night..

   1. Mark the bed time

We know that you are tired but be patient with your baby. Washing, change clothes, change diapers, clean your baby face and body, combine gentle massage or some gentle exercise, cuddle your baby with love, give your baby tenderness of parental care. At a result, these movements will stimulate the blood vessels and with the relaxed pores, baby will feel comfortable and quickly go to sleep well. Melodious music, parent’s lullabies or sweet fairytales can also help your baby sleep well and develop their imagination.

   2. Practice your baby to fall asleep themselves

One easy way to help newborns sleep well that you should let the baby to sleep when lying in the cradle or a corner of the baby rather than sleeping in the mother’s arms. Because sometimes the baby wakes up in the night, as sleeping in mother’s arms and waking up in another place so they will confusion and cry.When your baby shows signs of sleepiness, put the baby in the cot and coaxing them to sleep. If baby is unfinished, you should combine chatting, singing … to keep them awake. Until the baby finish feeding, you should move to “the stage” coax sleep.

   3. Choose a location for sleeping

You can put your baby in cleaning and shining place but make sure that during the time your baby sleeps or wakes up, they are in the right place. This will give your baby peace of mind to a deep and better sleep. Remember not to change the sleeping place in the middle of the night. Once you coaxed the baby in your bed, you have to let them sleep there. If not, the frequency of the baby’s bed will change constantly, and the baby will feel insecure when going to sleep. Although it is not recommended by professionals to share bed with parents, but it is still a way to help babies sleep well and quite effective. Because the baby was so used to the warmth of their mother, the sound of their father since they was still in their womb. Sleeping with the parents in the early days, is still the best way to help newborns sleep well.

   4. Give your baby enough sleep during the day

Many believe that the less sleepy babies sleep in the day, the better they sleep at night. In fact, you need to ensure your baby’s sleep in the morning and at noon (avoid sleeping late in the afternoon) to help them play well, and sleep well at night. Baby who are less likely to rest during the day will be more likely to experience fatigue or difficulty crying at night. Good day sleep, baby will enjoy the night sleep. This is a basic way to help your newborns sleep.

   5. Do not feed your baby at night.

Maybe you are breastfeeding and have not thought about it yet, but avoiding night feeding is a good way to help your baby sleep well. Usually, it’s hard to cut back on night feeding for newborns. However, with babies who have been able to sleep through the night (from week 6), you may want to consider getting your baby used to a new schedule in which sleep is prolonged by cutting night feeding. Especially, with healthy babies over 6 months, you don’t need to continue breastfeeding in night. With the exception of some baby who are hungry for awakening, you do not need to wake up your baby for night time feeding.

   6. Allow babies to get used to outside environment

Give your baby the opportunity to get used to the environment. The outside environment with fresh air is good for you and your baby. Let your baby plays in a well ventilated area by letting them walk, sunbathing or carpeting near a window. Being physically active, they will be more likely to sleep at night, especially combination with mommy’s pampering or massaging.

   7. Not to let your baby screaming alone

You may not have to worry about waking and pacing, which helps your baby to learn to reassure themselves. But it is not advisable to leave your baby screaming for a long time because they need you to sit by and comfort them. The baby is not able to adjust emotions, or just in the learning phase of this skill. However, if night crying becomes serious, you should take the baby to the doctor.



What is HMO milk

Clinical research shows that children using 2′-FL HMO supplemented formula significantly reduce infections (reduce 66% of respiratory infections and 52% of general infections), 36% Colic symptoms compared to formula without HMO supplements.

The golden period stimulates baby’s brain to develop

Brain stimulation in babies is not as complicated as you think, just grasp the golden age before 3 years of age.
Starting when your baby can turn and crawl, the parents will take care of them more carefully for fear of bad effects from the outside, but it is easy for you to neglect your child’s mental development. Brain stimulation in babies is not as complicated as you think, just grasp the golden age before 3 years of age.

Infant care for first time mothers

Taking care of newborns, especially for first time mothers, is very surprising. You may feel overwhelmed in the first place, because there is so much to learn. But don’t worry, you’ll soon know your baby’s needs and how to meet them.


For small angels to stay healthy, grow taller, higher intelligence every day requires you to have a careful process of nursing care and science. The nutritional regime plays a very important role.


Your family’s daily meal is closely related to your family’s health so do not ignore it!


“Should water be given to infants?” And “How much water should babies drink?”, These questions are always the most concerned issues for mothers of newborns and breastfeeding.


As we all know, sunbathing is a method of using early morning sunlight to direct skin contact to synthesize vitamin D in the body. This vitamin is known to function as an opener to be easily absorbed calcium into the blood stream, until finally united in the bone.

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