In order to help children be more excited and interesting before the new school year, NTR Holding JSC held a Funny program for the Lovely child group of Co Bao.

Funny activities program was held at the company office in district 12, NTR Holding JSC was held the singing and dancing activity, sports activities with intellectual exercise with incentive rewards.

At here, children could sing, dance to the lovely songs. Expressed artistic ability. They dancing in joy engrossed delight.

With these dynamic boys who are interested in active games, one quick, one eyed, one faster and winning prize with funny MC Mỹ Dương.

After many hours of fun, the last item was very enthusiastic to join that was favourite food: fried chicken. The children are very nice, neat and clean. They have (such a) good eating habits and each child has a high sense of self-service. Even the youngest child is only six years old, knows how to serve himself. A very good personality, precious that students in Japan are trained.

Even acts and attitudes of order, not scrambled each other, young give younger, small thank to receive gifts. The joy the beautiful mouth. With those characteristics, NTR Holding believes, the children will be wonderful nursery, useful for the country, for the Vietnamese society.

The NTR Holding family would like to wish them a happy new school year with health, happiness and study well at school. Wishing Ms. Bao and her team are healthier and happier everyday!


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