Your family’s daily meal is closely related to your family’s health so do not ignore it!

Here, NTR Holding has some suggestions for you:

    1. Reasonable meal plan

The first step in taking care of your family’s health is to ensure that you have four main types of protein, flour, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber in your daily meal. This is important in providing the nutrients and energy needed for members. In addition, you also need a sensible and scientific menu for meals. “Have breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and have dinner as a beggar” is the advice for your family’s daily. This means that you need to pay more attention to breakfast, a breakfast not only enough but also good. Lunch should balance nutrition. And in particular, dinner should not much protein, carbohydrates, fat, but vitamins, minerals and fiber are needed.

    2. Right time, right meal

Eating right time, right meals will be good for the digestive system, this is also considered a secret for you to take care of family health. Moreover, eating at the right time also helps to maintain physique and weight effectively. Recommand by experts, your family should eat breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12h30 and dinner at 19h. In addition, you can also enhance snacks in the morning and mid-afternoon, to provide energy and health care for the young members.

    3. Limit fast food, canned food

Fast food and canned foods contain a lot of fat and preservatives that are bad for the cardiovascular system. So, you need to limit to use two foods at home. If your family has children, avoid using fast food more than once a week because it is easy to addiction and obesity to your baby. Carbonated drinks are neither too, because, in carbonated drinks have acid, such as malic, tartric, citric, or phosphoric acid, the main antimicrobial agent, tooth decay and bad effects on the stomach as well as the health of your family.

    4. Do not give more spicy in food.

The last step for you to take care of your family’s health that do not give more spicy in food. Too much spicy as sugar, salt, … in food, will have a negative impact on the health of your family. If the food is too salty, it will badly affect the heart and kidneys. And too sweet food will easily lead to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease.


What is HMO milk

Clinical research shows that children using 2′-FL HMO supplemented formula significantly reduce infections (reduce 66% of respiratory infections and 52% of general infections), 36% Colic symptoms compared to formula without HMO supplements.

The golden period stimulates baby’s brain to develop

Brain stimulation in babies is not as complicated as you think, just grasp the golden age before 3 years of age.
Starting when your baby can turn and crawl, the parents will take care of them more carefully for fear of bad effects from the outside, but it is easy for you to neglect your child’s mental development. Brain stimulation in babies is not as complicated as you think, just grasp the golden age before 3 years of age.

Infant care for first time mothers

Taking care of newborns, especially for first time mothers, is very surprising. You may feel overwhelmed in the first place, because there is so much to learn. But don’t worry, you’ll soon know your baby’s needs and how to meet them.


For small angels to stay healthy, grow taller, higher intelligence every day requires you to have a careful process of nursing care and science. The nutritional regime plays a very important role.


“Should water be given to infants?” And “How much water should babies drink?”, These questions are always the most concerned issues for mothers of newborns and breastfeeding.


As we all know, sunbathing is a method of using early morning sunlight to direct skin contact to synthesize vitamin D in the body. This vitamin is known to function as an opener to be easily absorbed calcium into the blood stream, until finally united in the bone.


Some baby is easy to fall asleep and only wiggle a little at night, some just keep playing, and some get startled or turn in bed all night which keep their parents nervous throughout the night. How to get your baby to wake up, eat, play and sleep on time that is really a problem

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