(20 sheets)

Formulated with effective antibacterial Citric Acid and virus

With green tea extract lingering on the skin of hands increases the antibacterial properties.

Aloe Vera helps moisturize the skin

Products with a distinct aroma of essences of green tea and aloe vera.

The product does not contain industrial fragrance.

Both antibacterial and protective skin. Can be used regularly without worrying about the skin. Convenient to bring with you.

Package of 20 pieces, compact, convenient.

Products are manufactured according to TCCS announced number: 10 / NTR / SMT

Made in Viet Nam

Products are exported to many countries around the world


Storage instructions

Open the label to use and re-affix to the old position to keep moist and avoid bacteria when not in use

Preserving in a dry place, avoid dust, direct sunlight and high temperature



Premium Nonwoven, Citri Acid, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E, Glycerin, EDTA, Green Tea Extract, Mineral Oil, Triglyceride


User manual

Wipe directly and do not need to rinse with water.

Use to wipe hands, face, and whole body

Antibacterial, and moisturize the skin


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