Super Soft – Super Dry

Made in Malaysia and exported to Korea, and advanced countries

Pull ups diapers SMATIE

– Superior absorbency with new technology which locks wetness away, without the bulk. To give a lightly feeling

– Double layered leakage protection leg guards

– Fast & Easy wear for active babies

– Comfortable fit for your baby in every movement

– The surface of the topsheet is super soft

– 100% Air release

– To reduce rashes, protect the baby’s delicate skin

– Especially diapers do not use industrial fragrance

Composition & Origin

– Design, research & test products in Vietnam market, meet the needs and tastes of consumers, the best quality with the most reasonable price with incomes of Vietnamese

– Premium raw materials such as the US cotton pulp, seeds GEL from Japan, production technology by Japan

– The big factory in Malaysia, the new machine with the most advanced technology with the robot review to remove the poor quality products in the production line. Ensure absolute quality of products to consumers.


– Testing of each ingredient

– International certifications

– TCCS: 05:2017/NTR based on TCVN 10584-2014

Size and weight of baby

Recommended retail price : 205.000 vnd/ 1 pack

Exp: 3 years since manufacture date

Packings: 5 packs/ 1 big bag

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