As we all know, sunbathing is a method of using early morning sunlight to direct skin contact to synthesize vitamin D in the body. This vitamin is known to function as an opener to be easily absorbed calcium into the blood stream, until finally united in the bone.

   1. Choose the right time

The best time for drying the baby is between the hours of 7:00 to 8:00 am, the sun is warming, the infrared and ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun are relatively weak so it can promote metabolism in baby’s body. In addition, at this time due to lack of transportation means the air is quite fresh, this is good for your baby’s health.

   2. Sunbathe from 7-9 am in winter.

In winter, you should maintain the habit of sunbathing for baby’s body is always developed in the most comprehensive way.

   3. Do not sunbathe baby in the afternoon:

Especially the peak hours like 9 am to 4 pm. Because the sun is svery hot and can damage to the health and sensitive skin of the baby.

   4. How to sunbathe baby:

Mothers should not take this process too long or take off their clothes when sunbathing. This should be done gradually in stages so that baby can adapt gradually if not will cause serious harm. The following procedure should be followed:

– First day, mothers need to get used to sunbathing by standing by the window in the early morning or out shade for about 10 minutes then gradually increase to 15 minutes, 20 minutes.

– When sunbathing for the baby, the mother absolutely should not take off all the clothes of the baby, let the baby gradually get used to sunbathing by parts: first should only reveal feet, ankles, then to back, the calf, thigh, chest, arms, neck … at the same time each body should only sunbathe 5 minutes, only 3-4 bath a day should suffice.

   5. Beware if

If your baby is being treated for an acute illness, endocrine disease, eczema, herpes, skin allergies or a baby taking quinolones, the mother should not be sunbathing. By sunbathing will make the disease worse and significantly reduce the effects of drugs.

   6. Things to note while sunbathing baby

– Do not sunbathe baby through the glass because it is not effective when the skin is not exposed to the sun.

– Do not sunbathe in areas where the air is polluted, windy or dusty.

– Do not sunbathe baby for too long, especially from the first day should only give the baby sunbathing from 5-10 minutes is enough, gradually increased to gradually adapt to baby and absorb better.

– Do not direct sunlight directly to the head, face and eyes because ultraviolet light will damage the brain and the eyes, it is best to cover these parts to ensure sunbathing for baby. mother.

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